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"We provide transparent, tailor-made, fast, personal and quality service"
"We provide transparent, tailor-made, fast, personal and quality service"

The convenience of paid employment

Congratulations on your new assignment or job! Flexbrain might be asked by your client to provide the HR services. It's also possible that you, as self-employed professional, are looking for a partner to offer the security of paid employment combined with the freedom of entrepreneurship. Flexbrain is a professional HR service provider in the field of temporary placement/payroll. Officially, you'll be employed by us and work at your client. We take care of all employment matters, such as your contract, your pension and the payment of your salary.

Your benefits
  • Entrepreneurship with the convenience of paid employment
  • Guaranteed salary payment
  • Manage things digitally yourself through our portal
  • Pension at StiPP, ABP or bpfBouw
  • Access to a variety of educational trainings and events
  • No need for a model agreement and Chamber of Commerce
<h1>Your salary and employment terms</h1>

<p>The agreements regarding your salary, employment terms and days off are written in your employment...

Your salary and employment terms

The agreements regarding your salary, employment terms and days off are written in your employment contract. We are responsible for the accuracy of these terms, based on the NBBU cao. This means that your salary and remunerations are always in line with the salary and remunerations of employees of your client in equivalent positions.

Your talent comes first

Access to knowledge and events

Besides a good salary, it's important to us that you invest in personal and professional development. We provide all employees of Flexbrain with a training budget. If you want to follow a training of course, please notify us and we will check if we can reimburse you for this. Additionally, we organise several inspirational sessions for employees of Flexbrain annually. During these sessions, you can meet other employees of Flexbrain and we always offer an interesting speaker or programme.

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<h1>My Flexbrain</h1>

<p>To help us take care of your needs and concerns, we use an portal and a mobile application. You can use the portal and...

My Flexbrain

To help us take care of your needs and concerns, we use an portal and a mobile application. You can use the portal and the mobile application to claim worked hours and expenses. In addition, you can find information about your employment at Flexbrain in the portal. You can view and download your pay slips and annual statements.

  • Peter Kuijlaars
    As independent professional, I want to focus solely on the client and their wishes. That is why I prefer to outsource my own (administrative) matters as much as possible. In my experience, Flexbrain is a professional company that ensures that all legal administrative matters are taken care of. This gives me the needed peace of mind to carry out my assignments professionally.
    Peter Kuijlaars - Process controller financial institution
  • Gorjan Petrovski
    "Flexbrain played a crucial role during the process of acquiring documents for my stay, provision of proper accommodation, navigating the legal issues regarding employment and residency with aplomb. All arising problems were solved quickly to my great satisfaction allowing me to concentrate on my work without having to worry about potential mishaps. They were always responsive to my queries about my employment and very helpful throughout my integration in the Netherlands."
    Gorjan Petrovski - Developer Professional service provider
  • Hans Langeslag
    Time after time, Flexbrain ensures a smooth transition onto a new challenge. I visit Flexbrain's network meetings with inspiring speakers throughout the year. These give me new insights and put me in contact with like-minded people to build up and maintain my network.
    Hans Langeslag - Financial specialist
  • Anneke Kooistra
    "I've been working for Flexbrain since 2014. What struck me right away, are the possibilities for customisation and flexibility. Every time I would ask: "Is this possible?" the answer would be: "Of course, how would you like it?" A flexible, fast and personal approach. That is what comes to mind when I think of Flexbrain."
    Anneke Kooistra - Project manager Financial institution


You can always contact us if you have any questions about your employment, such as questions about your contract, educational needs, occupational disability, redeployment, salary, time off, or illness.

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