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"We'll ensure a quick start for your foreign employee"
"We'll ensure a quick start for your foreign employee"

Our services for highly skilled migrants


Every year, we submit many residence applications. We'll start the procedure, collect and fill out all the correct documents and maintain direct contact with the IND. Because Flexbrain is a recognised sponsor of the IND, the average processing time of an application is four to eight weeks.


We offer support when contacting estate agents, provide help when searching for a home, and verify if the contracts are correct. We also take care of everything for the relocation. And last but not least, we will ensure that the employee can come to the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Bring Your Own Device

If you wish for your employee to use their own devices, we can provide these for them. From laptop to iPad to mobile phone.

Lease cars

It is possible to provide your employees with a lease car. We take car of all administrative matters within the set budgets. Tailor-made service means that the lease car will be delivered at the desired time and address.

Apply for 30%-facility

Foreign employees have to deal with additional costs. Under certain circumstances these costs can be reimbursed tax-free. We keep in touch with the Tax and Customs Administration and apply for this so-called 30%-facility.

Family care

We provide family care for foreign professionals that come to the Netherlands with their family. This includes, amongst other things, residence and other permits, housing, registering children at schools, relocation, and plane tickets.