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Frequently asked questions

Employers frequently have questions for us. We have collected the questions that we’re asked most often. Can't find your question? Please contact us via telephone number +31 (0) 30 630 00 86. We would be happy to help you.

As an employer, aren't I faced with employment risks?

The employee is employed by Flexbrain. This means that Flexbrain carries out all the responsibilities as legal employer, including all employment matters; the payment of all obligatory payroll taxes, pension contributions and severance pay, the contract administration, financial affairs, illness, occupational disability, and/or the best effort obligation of secondment agencies regarding redeployment.

Which CLA do the employees fall under?

Flexbrain is a member of the NBBU and applies the NBBU CAO to the temporary employment contracts. For some clients, the ABU CAO is applied by Flexbrain.

In case of a payroll contract the employment terms of the client will be applied.

How do I determine the salary of an employee?

You reach agreements with the employee regarding the work, the number of hours, the period, and the salary. When determining the salary, take into account that the employee should earn at least the same as one of your own employees on the same salary scale. This can be determined by applying the correct CAO and to check (1) salary scale and (2) the job level.

My employee is ill. Am I facing any risks?

The employee is employed by Flexbrain. In the event of an employee's illness, you don't run any risks.

Can I reach net salary agreements with my employees?

Yes, you can. We'd be happy to explain the details face-to-face.

Is it possible employees accrue pension through ABP?

Flexbrain offers the ABP pension; a pension fund for the public sector and education. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I would like to become a client. How does it work?

You can fill out your details, or you can give us a call. Our telephone number is +31 (0) 30 630 00 86. We'd be happy to help.

What conversion factor does Flexbrain use?

Rates always require customisation as far as we're concerned. The commercial cost factor and the actual cost factor are two different variants of rate setting. We'd be happy to explain the differences and which of those is in beneficial for you in person.


I engage foreign employees, is that something Flexbrain can help with?

Flexbrain is a recognised highly skilled migrants sponsor of the Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND). We have specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience in working with foreign employees. We'll gladly offer our advice!