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Ensuring a flying and professional start for your employee abroad
Ensuring a flying and professional start for your employee abroad

International deployment in 4 steps

1. Preliminary phase
Checking the insurances of self-employed professional / external employee (content and accuracy), visa / work permit, high risk potential, required vaccinations, local laws and regulations, tax and social security treaties between countries.

2. Advice
Based on the checks, you’ll receive tailor-made advice about the necessary steps to ensure a compliant deployment of the professional, and about the safety of the country.

3. Implementation
We make sure all necessary paperwork and documents are in order. If necessary, we will also ensure the payment of local taxes and social contributions, and the salary payments. Naturally, we will take into account the correct contracts, and local laws and regulations. We will also arrange things such as accommodation, plane tickets, and local transport.

4. Single point of contact during the deployment
During the deployment our specialists will keep in touch with you as employer and with the professional. We will provide the monthly invoice (if desired in the local currency of the country in question). Escalations will be handled professionally and we will organise a repatriation if necessary.

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